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Its been a while. A LOT has happened. Long long long story short, I'm organizing a Ride for Lupus and am inviting the motorcycle community. I am indeed in need of assistance, so anyone offering to help, first and foremost, I require financial backing (for patches, tshirts and printing).

I'll post more details once I'm a bit more settled (logo, website, event site confirmed)...I'm VERY excited.

LJ, I miss you.

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012! I'm looking forward to this year...

Not on much anymore

Since having my baby boy, I don't really have time to log onto LJ....I feel that I'm missing a lot of what's going on since I don't have the opportunity to peek at my friend's updates...

In other quick news, just got home from 57 days in Toronto at Sick Kids....all is finally well. Also, this week is our 4th wedding anniversary AND my best friend is coming to Ontario for a week! I'll be seeing her on Saturday at the cottage in Muskoka which I'm SUPER excited about since I get to hang with the whole family. Then its Thanksgiving at my parents, Thanksgiving at Matt's parents, then my best gal pal and I hook back up for 4 days of fun.....This is going to be an awesome next 2 weeks.

In other random awesome news, one of my good friends won the lotto max!! WTH! lol...I'm still not over the shock of it and have to wonder if he is yet? I really can't wait to hear about his adventures in the very near future.....

And with that, I've got a short amount of free time while the lil guy is napping, so now's my time to go get cleaned up....
Happy birthday to me :)
Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day.  You only get one of those....I got a card from my husband and spent the day with my family at my parent's house.  Low key. 

In other news, now that we've finally spent one full week at home I now feel that I can turn some attention back to my own health and get back to being physical.  I'd REALLY like to fit back into my own clothes....

Induction day

I'm going to have a baby today.  Yikes.... :p
This is it.  Life as I know it will be changed forever within the next 24 hours.  Today is my last day as just "Jenn."  I'm going to be a mom....talk about amazing!  Today's plan is to take it easy; enjoy every single serene moment and the quiet that is our home.  There's so much going on in my head and I'm actively working on slowing my brain down....I have the rest of my life to over think things...lol....right now he's safe, secure and in the best health of his entire life.  He's as close to me as he'll ever be and I'll never have this back....stopping to smell the roses is my thing today....that and giving in to kitty snuggles.....


The Ides of March!

Last night I went to bed a little tense for no particular reason at all.  I had VERY angry/apocalyptic dreams all night and couldn't change them, even though I was aware I was dreaming.  I woke up this morning and am still feeling a little pissed off and can't seem to pin point why.  Argh.  Silly hormones.

2 days....2 days to go.....

Mar. 11th, 2011

This time next week I'll be a mom.....I'm getting pretty excited about it I have to say. 
Baby's room is done.  Ahhh.  The real highlight though, is, drum roll please?  ..........TAXES ARE FILED!!!  So so so excited for this...lol.  We got our T4s and had everything else ready to go and Matt took it all in last night.  We're so happy to get this in/done before we have to spend so much time in Toronto when the baby comes.  Accountant even said we'd have it all back before St. Paddy's day (aka induction date) which is *awesome.* 

Today is attempt to get house clean-ish, coffee with a friend, massage at 2 then veg.  Tomorrow is final baby shower (hosted by Mother In Law) and Sunday I'm off to see my friend, Lorena who is now officially unpacked having bought her first place (condo).  Looks to be a fun weekend.  Right now, I need to get off my butt and do some cleaning...ahhh...taxes are done...I'm sooooo happy about this. :-)